Give Thanks Today and Every Day!

How important to give thanks today and every day!  Here are 30 days of Thankfulness from 2014 that I have made into a slide show.    It is a good reminder to me of what a good, gracious, loving, Savior I have.  He can be yours too!  Don’t ever let Thanksgiving and praise in your heart to the Lord end!  It is easy to focus on how to give thanks around Thanksgiving holiday time, but we ought to focus on it every day.

Give Thanks Today and Every Day!  Praise Him continually!

 Give Thanks to God continually - today and everyday!
 This was actually a thankful album that I did for 2014.  I put it together in a little slide show.

Music Credit: “I Will Praise Him”

Words & Music: Mar­ga­ret J. Har­ris, 1898

from an album by Kenon Renfrow; (used by permission)
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