Give thanks to God whether in trying times or mundane times

Giving Thanks In The Trying and Mundane

Every person, everywhere could say life is hard in one way or another.  As we continue in what this world is calling a pandemic, we may find life to be difficult and trying.  But can we still give thanks when we are facing trials?

For those who live in America, we are going through a trying time with the current election.  Suppose my/your candidate doesn’t get chosen?  Can we still give thanks?  According to God’s Word, we should.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

God hasn’t forgotten us.  He knows what is going on!  He uses it for our good and to draw us to Himself.  Give Him thanks no matter what happens and pray because God would have all men everywhere to be saved.(Read 2 Timothy 2:1-4)  There may be one in “Washington” today who will come to Christ because I gave thanks and prayed.  

Paul urged us many times to give thanks in all things.  And he practiced what he preached for we find him at midnight as he was in chains in prison, singing and praising God.  Would I do the same?  Paul also said that whatever circumstance he found himself, he learned to be content.  I’d say that was a heart of gratitude too, wouldn’t you?

True Thankfulness

The Ten Lepers

Jesus healed all ten.  Perhaps all of them dreamed of the day that they might actually be healed from this dreadful disease.  The time came and Jesus healed them all!  The thing they wanted most happened, yet it revealed their hearts.  After all they deserved it didn’t they?  Only one was truly thankful.  Oh that I may be as that one!  May I be truly thankful in all circumstances.  Let us remember as those lepers were healed, we too have a leprosy called sin that can only be healed through the blood of Jesus Christ.  

Thankful in the ordinary

OK, so maybe when you face a trying circumstance and God is gracious, then you have no trouble raising your voice in Thanksgiving to Him,  But how about in the ordinary, every day circumstances of life?  These can actually be trying times too.  The monotony of the same routine day after day may cause us to grumble and feel sorry for ourselves. 

“It is not the happy people who are thankful. It is the thankful people who are happy.” ~Morrison

Those who murmur and complain are not happy; those who worry over everything aren’t happy.  When we do these things we forget God and leave out all His goodness.  Why not see His loving hand in everything, knowing that He works everything together for our good if we love Him as we ought.  It is then we can have a thankful heart which in turn makes us a happy person.

“The more we are thankful for our everyday mercies, the more does life become a joyful thing.” ~Morrison

Trusting God will make you a grateful person.  Jesus trusted His Father on the night He was betrayed.  What assurance this should give us that He knows all, is watching out for what is best for us. It is then that we will stop all our complaining and murmuring and begin to count our blessings.  As we lift up our hearts with thanksgiving and gratitude to God in trying times or in mundane circumstance, we find that in being thankful we have become a happy and joyful person.