Happy-Are You Truly Happy?


Psalms 144:15 . . . yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD. This verse came to mind as I thought about the word happy.  

For one to be truly happy He must know the Lord and be yielded to His will.

are you truly happy

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Are  you truly happy?

As I child I used to sing this song:

I’m inright, outright, upright, downright
Happy all the time
I’m inright, outright, upright, downright
Happy all the time
Since Jesus Christ came in
and cleansed my heart from sin
I’m inright, outright, upright, downright
Happy all the time!

Have you sung it?  If Jesus has cleansed you from your sin then you are happy inside and out!  Yes, this is true happiness!

Happiness is not in things, worldly pleasures, money or even relationships.






These characteristics in this acrostic equal true happiness

To be truly happy is to have joy that has come into our hearts through trusting Christ

And then from day to day the joy of the Lord is our strength and we can truly say He fills our mouth with laughter.

Where is your happiness coming from?  Worldly happiness will never last, but happiness in the Lord will be forever!


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K. Ann Guinn

Hello, Ellen! (My mom’s name is Ellen, too, so that’s a special name to me.) I’m visiting from Five Minute Friday, and have enjoyed your encouraging post. Yes, our true happiness is only found in Jesus. I like how you reminded us of the simple truths found in a familiar verse and a “child’s” song. I think we are happier the more we focus on these simple truths.


Visiting from FMF (#20). I like your acrostic. That’s a great way to remember the different reasons for happiness we find in knowing God.

Shauna Wallace

Oh my gosh I love your HAPPY acrostic! It is spot on truth! Thank you for sharing that. I’m glad I stopped by for Five Minute Friday! Blessings!

Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

Ellen, I love this, and you gave me a laugh (the good kind).

I’m dying, and I accept it, and I don’t know how more surrendered to God’s will I can be…and the thought just gave me a deep belly laugh. Well, metaphorically, because it does hurt too much to laugh these days.

great post!

#1 at FMF this week.



    Thank you so much for coming by! I cannot imagine knowing that death may come today, yet in reality death could be for any of us today for our lives are but a vapor. So glad you are trusting God through all of it – it is such a testimony to others and I have known others who have kept a marvelous testimony as they faced the same thing you are now facing. I watched as God gave them grace to die. Thank you for making my day happier also. Glad this was a blessing to you.

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