Having a Great Granny is GREAT!

My mother-in-law has been with us for a couple of days.  Not only is she a blessing as a mother-in-law, but she has been a great blessing to my children as their granny and now to my grand children as their great granny.  How many children really get to interact with their great grandmother?  Including grand children and great grand children she has over 80.  We lose count after a while.

Recently she was in an accident and we thought she would be in a wheelchair for a year, but our God does miracles!  It is a miracle to see her walking and getting around on her own.

It was a joy seeing her hold her newest great grand son and our newest grand son, Caleb.  That in itself is a miracle as we wondered for a while if Caleb would be with us.  He was born with underdeveloped lungs and was in the NICU for a while.  God answered many prayers and allowed him to come home earlier than expected. Here is a picture of Caleb.


I don’t have a picture of Granny holding him, but hope I can add it later.  Of course, Caleb does not look like this now.  No more tubes and the Dr. says he is doing great!   God is so good!

It was a thrill watching two of our grand daughters learn how to crochet from their great grand mother.  It is not too often that children get the privilege of knowing and interacting with their great grandmother.  We are thankful for that great blessing and for the face that she is godly and desires godliness in all her children, grand children, and great grand children.  What a heritage we have!


Two of our grandsons decided they wanted to learn how to crochet also.



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