Household Hints and Tips

Here are some things that can be great tools when doing housework

  • Microfiber clothes-great for dusting and washing windows 
  • White vinegar is great for whitening clothes, taking mud out, using as a spray for all purpose cleaner.
  • Magic eraser-great for smudge marks on floors and walls
  • Sponge mop-great tool for cleaning the bathtub- able to stand up and clean
  • Lightweight vacuum cleaner-If you have back or neck trouble as I do this is one of the best tools to use.  It is bagless, so you just empty it and clean the filter.  It is so light and easy to push.
  • Clean dust mop-great for running over the ceilings in order to dust them and to get all those icky cob webs.
  • Water spray bottle- Keep near ironing and dryer.  If clothes are in dryer a little too long just spray and hang.  More wrinkles will fall out. 
  • Spray laundry stain remover.  Treat clothes as soon as they get stained.  Spray on collars and cuffs.  Usually does the trick for regular stains.

    Feel Free to Add some More.