How to Add a Group List to Windows Live Mail

Since I have multiple email accounts, I use Windows Live Mail to keep from hopping around so much. I have used it for some time, but could never figure out how to add group lists. I really needed to add a missionary list to my groups and all my other group lists that I already have in individual accounts. I always had to go back to my individual email accounts in order to use a group. Well, today after searching on line and still not getting my answer, I finally figured it out on my own. Here is how it works. Maybe some of you are a lot smarter than I and to you it is just very simple. Oh well, sometimes it takes a while for something to click in this 50+ year old mind. After clicking on contacts, there is a menu that says favorites and all contacts.


Well, I realized that this is actually the group names. When I right clicked on one of these, there is an option to add a new category. Oh yeah – category, group, duh! Same idea.


So I finally added my new group name and began putting in my contacts. Yeah! Now I can do all my emailing from one spot rather than hopping around. I still am not able to add my yahoo account to windows live though – anyone know how to do that? I followed all the instructions, but it just won’t take it. Let me know if you have the answer.


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