Living unashamedly

How to Live Without Shame Psalm 119:6

This is from a series of My Daily Bible Reading verse by verse on Psalm 119.  Individual links will be posted at the bottom.

Sin brings shame, but I can live without shame. As I am steadfast in keeping His commandments, then I can walk with the Lord unashamedly. What a wonderful blessing that I can stand before Him as righteous, knowing my sins are forgiven!


Look at verse 5. O that my ways were directed To keep thy statutes!

When I’m guided by His counsel, I won’t be ashamed. How glorious to walk with the Lord with a clean heart, knowing He has cleared my guilt and shame.


When and how can I stand unashamed before the Lord? 

When I have respect unto all His commandments, that’s when! Before I can actually respect all His commandment, I must first and foremost know that I cannot be justified by the law.  There is nothing in and of myself that I can do to earn my way to heaven.  It is only by grace through faith in Christ. The command is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.  Have you believed?  Have you trusted Him alone? 

Once I’ve believed then I can proceed to do all that He asks of Me in His Word. Am I looking to Him, am I regarding His commands? Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all thy commandments. How easy it is to be a hearer only, but not a doer of His Word. I need to pay attention to God’s direction in His Word, study it and meditate upon it.  

Oh that I can sing Nothing Between My Soul and The Savior! and Be Thou My Vision


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