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A foolish thing to say - The fool says

Instilling Biblical Truths into my Grandchildren – The fool hath said in his heart there is no God

Can you remember times when you were told, that’s a foolish thing to do?  Or why did you do something so foolish or silly? We’ve all had those times.  There have been many foolish and silly things I did in my life which I wish I could go back and undo, but that’s not going to happen.  

I want my grandchildren to know and understand that God says; The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.  

A foolish thing to say - The fool says "there is no God" and "No God"

What I’ve come to realize over the years, is that at times, I have played the part of a fool, because although I have trusted Christ as my Savior, there have been times when I slipped into sin and and said “NO GOD”  I don’t want to do it your way; I am going to do it my own way.  So yes, although we may call those who outright say there is no God a fool, we too can be fools in and through our disobedience.

Do you pray for your children and grandchildren not to be fools or foolish?  Teach them the truths of God’s Word!  1)  We are born sinners and will be a fool to reject Christ.  2) Even as a believer, we can play the part of a fool by saying No to God and disobeying His will for us.

 I am posting a series on 31 Biblical Truths to teach your grandchildren.  You can begin the series Here.  You can also sign up below to get a list of all of them along with a free 31 day devotional Ebook.