Instilling Biblical Truths into My Grandchildren – Trust and Obey = Gods’ Blessings

Trust and Obey is a life long learning experience for all of us!  Why is it so hard to do this sometimes?  We’ve obeyed God’s voice (affiliate link) and seen Him do marvelous things.  Suddenly something new comes along and this time we fail to obey.

God’s Word can be summed up in these three word:  TRUST AND OBEY!

The song that we’ve sung over and over is so true-

Trust and Obey

For there is NO other way

To Be Happy in Jesus

But to Trust and Obey!

Trusting  and obeying God brings His blessings.

Failure to trust and obey, brings misery and chastisement,  Remember the story of Saul. He told Samuel that he had obeyed. Really?  He was told to utterly destroy the Amalekites and ALL their stuff too.  He kept the King alive and took animals.  He told Samuel they were for sacrifice.  (Read the story in 1 Samuel 15)

Here was Samuel’s response:  To Obey is better than sacrifice!  

What blessings Saul lost because of his disobedience!

My prayer is that my grandchildren will learn and desire to obey the Lord wholeheartedly while they are young.  We as grandparents must set the example before them.  We must fully obey our Lord and they will see the blessings that God bestows on us because of it.

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