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What biblical truths are you instilling into the lives of your grandchildren?

Instilling Biblical Truths Into My Grandchildren – A Great Challenge!

Here is a challenge which I needed for my own life – that is the challenge of what truths (Here’s One!) do I really want to instill into the lives of my grandchildren?  The only real source of truth is God’s Word.  He is truth and it is from His Word I must draw these truths and know them in my own heart so that I can teach them diligently to my grandchildren. (You can actually read some Biblical Truths here that my grandchildren taught me)
Life Long Challenge Biblical Truths to Instill into the Lives of your Grandchildren

God Can do exceeding abundant above all I ask or think

Oh, how I want to be a Godly grandmother and oh how I want my grandchildren to know God and be more godly than I could even think.  I am reminded that He can do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.  He can instill a desire in my grandchildren to know Him and want to be like Him.  It can start right here by sharing and instilling Biblical truths into their hearts, souls, and minds.

Below you will find the completed list so far, but really the truths we get from God’s Word are never ending! In fact this is a great “to do” list that is challenging all of us to take these truths to heart and instill them into the lives of our children and grandchildren. 

Biblical Truths to Teach My Grandchildren:

  1. The Bible is our sole authority for life
  2. God is the creator of all
  3. All life is for God’s Glory
  4. We are all Sinners in Need of a Savior
  5. The Fool Says “There is No God” and “No God”
  6. God Loves All, but does not leave the guilty unpunished
  7. Wisdom Comes From Knowing God’s Word
  8. God has a Special Purpose for You
  9. You can Serve the Lord at any Age
  10. God’s Word is more to be desired than the finest gold
  11. Jesus Will Never Leave You
  12. You Can Talk To God At Any Time
  13. Trust and Obey = Gods’ Blessings
  14. You Cannot Get Away With Sin
  15. Singing/Music is Important
  16. Give Thanks in Everything for This is the Will of God
  17. Jesus is Coming Again!
  18. We Need Not Fret in this Evil Day
  19. The Praise Game
  20. One Thing Is Needful
  21. You Cannot Out Give God
  22. The Little Red Spinning Wheel
  23. Lessons From the Wise Men
  24. The Lord Guides and Orders Our Steps
  25. Fear Not and Yet Only Fear The Lord
  26. God Always Makes A Way To Escape Tempation
  27. It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive


Would you join me below for more Biblical Encouragement? 

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