Keep a memory file on your computer

Here is an idea for grand parents and parents.  This year I started  memory file on my computer.  Since I have 14 grandchildren, I get lots of color sheets, notes, cards, etc. from all the little munchkins.  I love it and usually keep these things around for a while..  But it is too hard to save everything.  Therefore I started taking pictures of all my notes and cards and gifts and put them in a file.
I actually see them from time to time while looking at pictures or watching a slide show on my computer.  I love it!  Sometimes I will take several items from a month and make a collage out of them like the one below:
And the best part – I don’t feel like I have to save every little note that comes my way by stuffing it in a drawer or box where I will never see it again.  This way I have everything and I can enjoy all these special treasures from our 14 munchkins.
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