14 kitchen gadgets that are practical and great for your kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets – 14 of my favorite

Kitchen gadgets – what are your favorite kitchen gadgets?  I have listed fourteen kitchen gadgets  below, most of which I have and some I would love to add to my kitchen.  Some are regular kitchen gadgets and some are not, but these are the ones  that I have really come to like and depend on.  Maybe this list of kitchen gadgets will reveal something that you have never tried and would perhaps like to give a try.

Kitchen Gadgets - 13 of my favorite disclosure

14 kitchen gadgets that are practical and great for your kitchen

Kitchen Gadgets That I Like In Random Order

1.  Manuel Food Chopper: I’m talking about a good old hand chopper.  I use it for most anything fruits, softer  veggies, nuts, meat, etc.

food chopper


2.  Vitamix Standard Blender:  Oh my!  I have had mine for over 10 years now and it still works great.  It has been well worth the money.  I love the fact that it grinds ice so easily and that I can make thick and creamy smoothies.  It is great if you are following a special diet to make those special foods.

Kitchen Gadgets - Vitamix

3.  Whisk:  Who can do without a whisk in their kitchen?  Just whisk it out and use it!

Kitchen Gadgets - Whisk

4.  Triple Crock Pot:  I have one like this and it is a fairly new kitchen gadget for me.  Since I now do more cooking for someone who is ill in my family, I have added this and love it.  It sits nicely on my counter and I can fix one, two, or three dishes at the same time,Kitchen Gadgets - Triple Crock Pot

5.  Slow Cooker:  How does anyone handle life without a crockpot?  This one looks really great – 8 qt!  Mine is a 6 qt, but I have a large family and I just might have to add this one myself. Kitchen Gadgets - 8 QT. Slow Cooker/Crock Pot

6. Microwave Steamer: Oh my, I  found this at a Dollar store several years ago and use it a lot!  It works awesome and I am sure there are many other styles you could find.Kitchen Gadgets - Microwave Veggie Steamer

7.  Fresh Cut Salad Knife with Serrated Edges:  Don’t you hate it when your green stuff turns brown after you cut it up.  Well these great knives don’t let that happen.  And they are sharp!

serrated lettuce knife

8.  Nut Chopper with Non-Skid Base:   Oh, yes, this little gadget just makes life simpler.
Kitchen Gadgets - Nut Chopper with non skit base

9.  Kitchen Shears: Yes, a great essential to any kitchen; if you don’t have some, get some – you will never regret it.

Kitchen Gadgets - Shears for the kitchen

10.   Food Processor:  I’ve been long without one, but it is on my list to find a medium size one that works well.   Any Suggestions?
Kitchen Gadgets - Food Processor

11.  Cheese Grater:  I have the regular handheld kind which is fine, but sure would love one like this.Kitchen Gadgets - Cheese Grater

12.  Salad Spinner:  This is great for spinning out that lettuce or other greens or even veggies that you have just washed and cut up.  It gets all that excess water out and helps keep everything fresh.
Kitchen Gadgets - Salad Spinner

13.  Coffee Grinder:  Since I follow along Trim Healthy Mama (affiliate link)  to some degree, this has really been a help to me.  I grind my erythritol or xylitol in it along with Stevia and make my own sweet blends.
Kitchen Gadgets - Coffee Grinder



14. Instant Pot:  I just ordered one of these.  I’m looking forward to using it and who knows, maybe I will do away with my crockpots.  We’ll see!

instant pot

I am sure there are many more gadgets that would help in the kitchen.   Do you have a favorite?  I would love to hear about it;  it might be something I want to add to my collection.  Let me know in the comments below.