Last Minute Gift Ideas for All Ages – Grandkids too!

Are you hurrying scurrying to get those last minute gifts? Are you out of time and out of ideas? How about a digital gift that you can download straight to your computer? There are many items out there for all ages. Here are a few great ideas.

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For All Ages


1.  Go to AMAZON or CHRISTIAN BOOK DISTRIBUTORS and buy a gift card.  Print it and put in a lovely Christmas card.  Moms and Dads both are always happy to receive these. 

2.  Find a great Kindle book like a devotional and send as a gift to someone’s Kindle.

3.  Purchase a good Christian movie and have it sent to someone else as a gift that they can download. Time Changer is a great movie to watch in the New Year.

4.  Buy some good audio books or stories.  My grandkids love the Adventures in Odyssey stories.  You could also go to the Answers in Genesis Bookstore and find lots of great resources, many of which you can download.  Your grandkids will love this stuff.

5.  Make a special coupon

  • for a day out,
  • an offer to babysit,
  • help with household chores,
  • or whatever fits the need

6. Take your spouse or children or grandchildren on a day trip – we love the mountains and live close enough to go on day trips!

7.  Search your recent pictures and make a collage of special memories.  Tell them you will have it professionally printed for them.  Or give the gift of a print program  that can be downloaded.  That’s one of my favorite things to do.  Here’s another print program that can be downloaded.  I have this one too and really like it.

8.  Here’s a great gift for Grandma – When I count my blessings …. – I made this for my mother in law who now has 103 grand and greats.  I have to keep printing off new ones to keep up.  Great huh?  Here’s a picture of one of the first ones.  The numbers have changed since.  What a blessing!  I’m telling you, grandmothers love something like this! 

9.  Are you a musical or artistic family?  Make a recording of piano playing, singing, or do a lettering of a Bible verse or quote and frame it.

10. Or if you’re looking for a gift for the piano player, did you know you can download some free arrangements right HERE and for signing up HERE you also get a free piano arrangement.  Now those make great gifts!

The greatest gift

Fill in your name and email below for a last minute Christmas game you can download and use for your family Christmas get together or any Christmas get together.  

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