Life In North Carolina April 2013 Update

Here is a summary of North Carolina Lockhart Life for April 2013.  I know, I know, the first week of May is already gone, but still wanted this post this just for my own sake.  If you enjoy looking, I am glad to have you.  Some of the hilites of April included:

  • The Baptism of our 7 year old granddaughter, Adalyn.  She is Stephen and Lauren’s second born.  Praise the Lord, several of our grandchildren have already professed Christ as their Savior.  You know, our family is the only thing we can take to heaven with us.  Oh how I need to pray for the salvation of all them daily.  And if you too would like to know for sure that heaven is your home, you can find out how here.
  • The hummingbirds returned.  I just love seeing them right outside our window.
  • Spring arrived or so I thought.  For a few days anyway it was nice and the flowers and trees were blooming.  The cold rainy weather we have had recently makes me much more thankful for spring.
  • Mel and I celebrated our 36th anniversary.  We spent a couple days in the mountains and also did day trips near home.  Of course we enjoyed Roan Mountain again.  It was cold and snowy up there and we hiked anyway.  We also went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens near Charlotte.  I managed to step in a hole and sprain my ankle while hiking near the gardens.  Seems like I always have feet problems, but thankful I can walk and that I have been able to find some flip flops that I can wear in the summer.  And oh, did I mention how blessed I am to be married to a wonderful husband and father and grandfather and my very best friend!
  • Of course we have enjoyed spending time with grandkids, either babysitting or watching recent soccer games.
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