Lord, will you show yourself real to me?

I was awake the other night during sleeping hours (not something unusual) so I began talking to the Lord.  (AFF LINK) That’s a good thing to do.  God’s Word says: Psalms 4:4…commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.  So I think it is quite appropriate to talk to the Lord when in bed.  It’s a great time to just be still, to listen to the Lord’s voice by meditating on His Word, to bring Him your requests with thanksgiving and praise! One thing for sure, it often will relax you and bring sleep.  🙂

Truth of the matter is, for a few days, I’d been thinking, Lord, will you show  yourself real to me today?  Will you do something extra special for me today just so I can really know that you are real, that you are with me?  You see, this grandma and empty nester was really just feeling a little bit sorry for herself and really just complaining a little to the Lord.  My husband was working many hours,  I now have some physical ailments that have seem to come to stay as I get older, I have a daughter with a chronic illness and a daughter-in-law with a chronic illness,  I feel like I constantly watch grandkids and I guess my little whiny list went on and on in my heart.  Shame on me.

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But you know what, God loves me in spite of it!  Yes, complaining is wrong! (Philippians 2:14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings) But praise God He still loves me and as I asked Him to show Himself real, He reminded me of so many things!  “Really?”  He said.  You feel like I’m not showing you that I’m real these days.  “Really?”  As I listened, the Lord began pointing out His reality to me.  So many things went through my mind and heart, that I was so ashamed of myself.  (2Thessalonians 3:3) But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.  He IS real and He IS faithful.   ALWAYS!

Here are some things that God gently reminded me of that night:

  • You live in a free country – yes, you still have freedom to tell others the good news of the gospel. You have a house full of Bibles and are free to use it all the time!
  • You were brought up in a Christian home.  You had a family that loved the Lord and taught you to do the same.  And now you have the privilege of teaching your family to love and know God.
  • You have loved ones gone on before you waiting for you in glory
  • You have a husband and four children who love you and love the Lord
  • You have 21 grandchildren, most who live close by and guess what?  They love grandma dearly!  And guess what else? Many of them have already professed salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ!  And one more thing – I am privileged to work on instilling Biblical truths into their lives every time I am with them.
  • You have food on your table every single day and it shows too! 🙂
  • You have a husband who loves you, your children, and your grandchildren immensely!  He is also the hardest worker you know!  And oh how you have been blessed since he started his own business. (Read about those blessings here)  Never once have I failed to provide for you and in fact you have provisions over and above  you could ever ask or think.  (Yes, as a small business owner I am overwhelmed and amazed at how much taxes we pay yearly, yet we never seem to lack.  God just takes care of it!)
  • You know Jesus!  He is your Savior!  He died for you and you have assurance of being with Him in glory one day.  He has forgiven ALL your sin – what a glorious thought – my sin, not in part, but the whole, as the song writer said, is nailed to the cross – Praise the Lord oh my soul!  How much more real can He make Himself than that!

Friend, I could not stop counting my blessings and the tears of shame, happiness, and gratefulness began to flow as I praised Jesus for who He is and what He has done for me.  I was humbled before Him.  Has he shown Himself real to me?  Has he done something special for me?  Well, I should say so!  How could I ever doubt it?

There are multitudes of people across this world who have much much suffering and many many reasons to complain humanly speaking.  I’ve read many of their stories and my troubles are nothing compared to theirs and yet they trusted and continue trusting the Lord in the midst of adversity.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourselves, count your blessings!

On days when you are feeling a little sorry for yourself, start counting your blessings and meditating on the goodness of the Lord in your life.  It will bring you to repentance and make you realize that Jesus meant it when He said I will never leave you.  (Romans 2:4). . .the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?

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Thanks for sharing. I have been experiencing similar thoughts and feelings too. Someone posted on fb today all about their “BAD” day. Car wouldn’t start, rainy, etc. etc. When I read it I thought: A bad day? You are not paralyzed. Your daughter is not a drug addict. I too, often complain but am reminded to count my many blessings. See what God hath done. Love you


    So glad for the patience of the Lord! He puts up with so much from me. If only I would count my blessings more than complain, then my heart would stay continually joyful. God is good always!

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