Mail - Who doesn't love to get mail


Who doesn’t love to get mail?  Well, mail that is personal anyway and has good news and is encouraging.  I know I love it, whether, snail mail, email, or even text messages.  It is always nice to hear from a friend or loved one.

Mail - Who Doesn't Love Mail?

Did you know that Jesus sent us a love letter and it is very personal and for every individual who wants it?  Yes, that’s right, it is the Bible, God’s Word!  It has everything in it that a person needs to draw close to God.  How awesome is that!  Just think, we can know the creator of this universe in a personal way.  He can be our very best friend.  Knowing Him as personal Savior is the first step to having this friend.  This friend laid down his life for all of us and once we believe that in our hearts, we can read from his love letter every day and get to know Him well.  That is what He desires for each one of us and we don’t need to worry whether or not that letter will be in our mailbox each day.  It can be always at hand.

I think of mail in another way when it comes to my personal friends.  When is the last time I sent one of them an encouraging letter?   I have a friend in prison right now who doesn’t’ deserve to be there, but she is.  I try to send her mail every week to encourage her.  I can’t imagine living under her circumstances, but her faith is strong.  She in turn encourages me with her return mail.  ( Here are 7 ways to encourage someone who is in prison or jail)

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I have to admit, I don’t write handwritten letters much. I have a whole box of pretty cards and pretty stationary, for all occasions, just waiting to be used. I think I shall be more intentional. Enjoyed my visit here from the #fmfparty! Have a blessed weekend.


    Same here, but now that I have a dear friend in prison, that has changed somewhat. She needs to hear from her friends and loved ones regularly and snail mail is the only way. But I do love email and texts as long as they are not junk. 🙂

Mandy Hughes

God’s word truly is the BEST letter!
I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I’m sure the written words you send are priceless to her.
God Bless
Your #fmf neighbor,
Mandy Hughes


    Yes it is! Where would we be without it? Thank you for your kind concern. God knows what He is doing. My friend is strong in the Lord and He is using her right where she is. Many things in life are hard to understand, but the Lord knows the whole picture.


I love sending cards of encouragement and sympathy to friends and family. In fact, I need to do that today for an aunt who has a husband with cancer and probably one for him too.

So special you are keeping up with a friend in prison.


    I don’t know how special I am – just convicted about encouraging people in this way. Until you are on another side of the fence you don’t always realize what it is like for someone in their situation. God often uses the trials of others to point things out in my own life. I’m so glad He does. So glad you can be an encouragement to your aunt and uncle. Thanks for coming by.

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