hot winter drink recipe that is trim healthy mama friendly

Mocha Peppermint Hot Winter Drink Recipe

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Winter is coming and I am craving a rich, delicious, hot winter drink that is Trim Healthy Mama Friendly and that I can sip on anytime of the day.   Do you ever crave a drink like this?  Lately I have been craving one a lot!   There are a couple of drinks out there that are pretty good and I hear other people raving over them, like the winter wonderland sip (in the Trim Healthy Mama book) and bullet proof coffee, and several others I have found.  But I had just not found a hot sipper that was just right for me.  Well, guess what?  Today I found it.  I had been experimenting around with different ways to fix drinks and this morning I stumbled upon a great hot winter drink that was just right for me.   I wanted to share it with you just in case you might decide you love it too.
 hot winter drink recipe that is trim healthy mama friendly
You know, there are some days that I want more than one cup of coffee, but I really don’t want to drink coffee all day or at least not all that caffeine.  My husband has been drinking a coffee substitute call Teeccino (we got it here) because even the tiniest bit of coffee gives him reflux.  I really hate that because in our younger days great memories came from enjoying a cup of coffee together and even a donut!  But I think I have found a solution, at least a solution for me.   I didn’t really care for the Teeccino by itself, but I started experimenting with it.  It is Peppermint mocha and it is an herbal coffee substitute.  Works OK for hubby, although he says it never replaces coffee.  But after trying the winter wonderland sip, I got an idea.  Me, an idea?  Wow!  My brain doesn’t come up with too many.  But I brewed the Teeccino and then going by the winter wonderland recipe from the new book, this is what I came up with:

My Mocha Mint Winter Sip (Trim Healthy Mama Friendly)

From my calculations, I believe this is a Fuel Pull (FP)
  • 1 t teecino peppermint coffee substitute (or more to your liking)  brewed
  • 1 t cacao or cocoa powder
  • 1 t butter (I’m sure grass fed it best, but I go with what I have)
  • 1/4 scoop or less of plain or vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1/4 t glucci
  • Splash Vanilla extract
  • Splash Peppermint extract (I like it more pepper-minty than just the coffee itself)
  • Shake or two of sea salt
  • Sweeten to taste (I use 2-3 donks)  with your favorite stevia sweetener (here’s one of mine)
     Put all ingredients into blender (I use a vitamix),  Blend on high until thick and foamy.  Pour into your favorite coffee cup and sip and enjoy.  Ahh-sweet and cozy.
Well, I hope this helps your day.   When you need to snuggle up in a blanket and read your favorite book, why don’t you give this hot winter drink recipe a try?   If you don’t care for this one, check out my Pinterest Boards for some other great THM recipes.

It looks wonderful!! If I can find some teecino I may need to try this one!

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