My Valentine Weekend

A wonderful weekend!

  • The weekend was spent  with my valentine of 35 years! – my hubby.
  • We had our first date on Valentine’s Day 35 years ago.
  • We were married 1 year and 2 mo. later.

Mel and Ellen (2)

  • We spent this past weekend together.  We visited Twin Falls in South Carolina.  This is a easy hike to a pretty waterfalls.  The weather was warm and so pretty which made it so enjoyable.
  • We enjoyed scenic driving on back roads.P1050057
  • The next day was a contrast as we drove to Charlotte to the IMAX theatre to view “The Alps”
  • It was fun and good and did not have too much garbage about “millions and millions” of years ago.

  • We ended with a quiet evening at home talking and sharing.  God has been so good to us and His blessings cannot be numbered.  So thankful for this 35 years.

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Hold my hand

Hello Joyful Grandma,

It’s really nice that I have found your blog through Blog Farm. I hope I could drop by more often.

Btw, congratulations for being married for 35years! I’ve been married for 4 years now, turning 5 in April. Whoa, I still have 30 more years to catch!

God bless!

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