Never take your blessings for granted

How easy it is to take our daily blessings for granted!  God is so good to me and all of us, but do we ever stop to think that maybe we take many of those blessings for granted?  

There is a saying going around recently that says, “What if today, you woke up with the only things you thanked God for yesterday?”  Wow, that can be a sobering thought!  Because what if yesterday we took our blessings for granted and did not thank God for a single thing!

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.  
~Cynthia Ozick

Never take your blessings for granted


I was thinking about this saying when it comes to my grandchildren.  How often I take these many blessings for granted (all 20 of them with 1 on the way)!
To be honest, sometimes as a Grandma, I get overwhelmed!  Oft times I am babysitting and helping out in one way or another and I really do want to be the best grandma ever,  or best parent ever, don’t you!  
Then as I am overwhelmed, I think, I can’t do this!  No I can’t, but I know someone who can!  And He has chosen to bless us with all these blessings so once again I remind myself to never take my blessings for granted, for tomorrow those blessings may not be there.
I pray that I will never take my grandkids for granted (or any of God’s blessings), but instead count it a privilege to have a godly influence on them while I am still allowed life here on earth.  God has blessed us with these grandchildren and I have the privilege of teaching them the Bible and letting them know who God is.

Do they see my love for Jesus in my life?

Am I passing down a godly legacy?  I pray so!

I am thankful that this little sweetheart in the picture has been my Sunday School pupil. It’s a blessing to teach all the great stories that only God can tell.  In this class, she enjoyed hearing about Zacchaeus and how Jesus has come to seek and save those who are lost.  I look forward to the day she accepts Jesus as her Savior. 

 Luke 19:10

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

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