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God’s mercies are new every morning.  We can always begin afresh. Do you need a new beginning?  It is never too late too start, to refresh yourself in a new area of life.


Maybe you wrote down your goals last year and checked back  to see what you accomplished.  That is always a good and a great way to start a month, week, or day.  The best way to start any day is to make sure, first of all, that you know the Savior.   Then you can have a good day by spending time with Him.
Ask yourself, what changes should I make?

Questions to ask regarding what God wants for my life

Is Time with the the Lord at the top of your to do list every day?  It should be!  I’ve often heard people say that we shouldn’t make resolutions.  In one sense that may be true, because we certainly cannot change on our own.  Only through the power of the Holy Spirit working in our lives can we see a change.
But it is never wrong to work on areas in our life that we know need some shaping up.  You don’t have to wait for a New Year to begin making changes. Do it now; do it today!

 Put the Lord at the top of your daily to do list every day.

This should be number one on our TO DO list!   If it isn’t, then that is how you could start afresh availing the mercies of God which are new every morning.


  • Study God’s Word.  Why not study the Proverbs 31 Woman?   She is a wonderful role model for all of us and how wonderful it would be if we could fulfill all her characteristics.  But why not specifically look at The Proverbs 31 Woman noticing that she had time.

WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH OUR TIME?  (affiliate link)

  • Life is short, so redeem the time  – Psalms 102:11  My days are like a shadow that declineth; and I am withered like grass.   Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:   There is a time and season for everything – Are we redeeming the time?


  • Time is part of God’s creation with a beginning and an end.  God created us and put us in this time zone.  “Time is not flying by; we are flying through time.” ~M.S.


  • Have an awesome respect for the Lord.  If you do, you will spend time with Him;  This is the secret to having time.  Proverbs 31:30  Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.


  • God created us:    “In the Beginning God …”    He was in the beginning and He should be the beginning of each of our days.


  • Quality Time with the Lord is the Key to success.  Joshua 1:8  This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

We will never have time unless we make time.  It is an act of our will.   We need to wake up, greet the Lord and spend time with Him.  When I do, my days is much more productive – yes, He gives me the time I need to accomplish my daily To Do list.

God gives us enough time to do what He expects.

      • You may know certain things that God wants you to do;  He will give you the time and the ability to do these things.

Lamentations 3:22-25  It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him.

Psalms 5:3  My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.



Maybe this is one of the new beginnings you could start today.  Perhaps you do read God’s Word, but have never had a certain plan.  I find that it helps so much.   Here are a few ways and maybe you can come up with your own.  And by all means, keep a day by day journal of your devotions.  I have been blessed over and over by going back over old journals and seeing and reading what God has laid on my heart.

Plan #1 – S.O.A.P method

This is a common method that you may have already heard about.

S=Scripture: Write the verse or verses that stuck out to you in your reading.

O=Observation:  What did you observe about the scripture that struck you?  This can be one sentence or a whole book.

A=Application:  How can you apply the observation so that it affects your life today.

P=Prayer:  Write out a prayer to God based on what you just learned and ask him to help you apply this truth in your life.

Plan #2

-Praise the Lord

-Confess Sin

-Read God’s Word

-Stop and Write Down Scriptures or Thoughts that God has given you

-Praise and then Thank again

Plan #3

-Read a passage

-Meditate:  Ask the Lord to lay a certain Scripture on your mind for meditation that day.  Write it down.  Memorize it.

-Pray:  Using that specific passage or verse, pray that Scripture.   Write down your prayers and record specific answers

-Sing:  Ask the Lord to give you a specific song or hymn that goes with the Scripture you are reading for that day.

Plan #4

As you read a passage, ask yourself the following questions:

-What does the passage say about God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?

-What does the passage say about prayer or praise?

-What does the passage say about Christian Living?

-What does the passage say about Satan/sin?

-What does the passage say about family/self/others?

Do you see a command, a promise, sin that needs to be confessed or changes that need to be made?  Write down any applications that you need to apply to your life and then make them a matter of prayer.

Or maybe you would like a bookmark in your Bible, like the one below, with a R.O.A.D. map reading plan.

Free Road Map Bible Study Book Mark

You can keep it with you and it will help you with your daily Bible study. God’s Word is our road map for life.

Another idea is to follow along a plan you may find online.  Here are a couple places to find one:

  • Bible Reading Plans
  • Daily Bible Reading
  • e-Sword – Here you can download everything you need to study the Bible – Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc.  You don’t have to open up the internet to use it which helps to keep you from being distracted.

New Beginnings?

The best one you can have is to spend time with the Lord.  If nothing else goes on your list for the day, these two ought to be there!

  • Put Time With the Lord at the top of you to do list every day
  • Have a prayer time – Get alone with God.  Don’t treat God as your servant; He is the master and we need to be His servant.  We need prayer the most when we feel like we don’t need it.  Our mood and attitude reflects our prayer life.

So, how is your time with the Lord?  Do you need new beginnings in this area? If you don’t have  special time with the Lord, why not make today a day of new beginnings by putting Him at the top of your To Do list?