Happy Mother's Day - 15 ideas for not your typical Mother's Day Gifts

Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for ideas for Mother’s Day?  There are a couple of typical lists here and here, but below is a list of 15 ideas that are not your typical Mother’s Day Gifts.  

Though not typical, I know these are things that I am sure any mom or grandma would delight in.

Happy Mother's Day - 15 ideas for not your typical Mother's Day Gifts

15 Ideas for Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Spend the day with her – just her, no kids – oh yes, you may have to hire a babysitter this time.


2. Take her to her favorite restaurant.  And while you are there relax and talk.


3. Go to a pretty park or gardens with walking track and walk leisurely and talk.


4. Take a mini trip with her -Maybe you are close enough to take a day trip to the mountains or maybe a weekend trip to the beach.


5. Make a beautiful card for her and fill it with a list of what she has taught you through life.  Just realize that she may want to read it while she is alone so she can cry a lot.


6. Have a shopping day. – Go thrift shopping, or window shopping, or gadget shopping, or clothes shopping and buy her something special just for herself.  You could even shop online together.


7. Invite the family and make a food bar with all her favorite foods/snacks, etc.   Is she following a special diet?  Gather recipes that fit into that diet and include them on the bar.


8. Host a friend meeting. Invite her friends and have a fellowship time.  Use this time to honor all the mothers.


9. Put together a basket in a theme – Have all the family pitch in with special products that fit that theme and present it to her for Mother’s Day.


10. Does she like drama or music? Take her to a symphony or a play.


11. Buy her a new purse or tote bag.  Fit it with an organizer and add some accessories and goodies – lip balm, nail file, gum, candies, new wallet, etc.


12. Is she a techy person?  Pitch in with the family for a new tablet or phone. Make sure you add the kindle app and fill it with some new ebooks.


13. Make a special book or photo album for her.  Have the family fill it with memories from the past and present.


14. Gather her old VHS and cassette tapes and have them copied onto Cd’s or DVDs so she can enjoy some special memories from the past.  She would love this!


15. And if you just cannot think of anything well then how about a GIFT CARD! Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, her favorite store, her favorite restaurant, or just anywhere – she will be happy to have some spending money and will appreciate you thinking just of her.


Well, there you have it – gifts that are not so typical, but very practical.  These are all wonderful gifts any mom would appreciate. I know I would!  Any of my kids out there reading this?  🙂

There is one gift that is greater than any of these!

The greatest gift is one that money cannot buy.  Mom, have you received the free gift of salvation, a wonderful gift that will give you a joyful abundant life?  This is a gift that will last for eternity.  And you know this is also the greatest gift you could give each other; that is knowing Christ as your Savior.  With this gift you will spend all eternity together!

Happy Mother's Day - 15 ideas for not your typical Mother's Day Gifts


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