Our Effectual Prayer should be Made Known unto God

Our Effectual Prayer should be Made Known unto God.  What is your prayer life like?  Are you continually bringing your requests to the Lord?  Or do you you worry and fret instead of praying?  Or  maybe you call a friend and confide in someone else first.  This one little verse offers 6 ways that we can make effectual prayer unto God.

Let your requests be made known unto God with Thanksgiving

6 Ways to Offer Effectual Prayer to God

1. Be careful for nothing – In other words do not be anxious about your needs.  There isn’t anything we should worry about.   You may have heard the little song:  Why worry when you can pray, Trust Jesus, He’ll be your stay, Don’t be a doubting Thomas, Rest fully on His promise, Why worry, worry, worry, worry, when you can pray.  We joke sometimes and instead say, why pray, when you can worry, but I am afraid that too often that is really true.

2. But In everything – that word everything means EVERY. THING. I need to remember that.

3. By prayer and supplication (according to Webster’s Dictionary this means to  entreat, humble, earnest prayer in worship)
4.With Thanksgiving – I have often found myself unthankful and almost bitter towards God and sometimes I sound like I am  demanding God to answer my prayer.  That is definitely not the heart He wants when I come to Him.  I do not thank God enough.
5. Let your requests be made known – Many times I just think about my requests;  I think about what I want or need or how I want things to be, but I never truly request it from God.  God wants me to make my requests known to Him.  Oh, He already knows everything, but He still says to make them known to Him.  Just tell Him all about it.
6.  Unto who?  Unto God.  I am supposed to make my requests be made known unto God, but how often I want to tell others first or how often our prayer request sharing time may turn into gossip.  My requests need to be made known unto the God of heaven!

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