Our Family Christmas

Such a blessing to be with our children and grand children over the Christmas Holidays.  The Lord is so good to us and has blessed us so much!  We even had a white Christmas in NC this year. 

Christmas front door     P1040814      P1040815    
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P1040651 P1040652 P1040653
P1040655 P1040658 P1040664
P1040665 P1040667 P1040666
P1040668 P1040671 P1040674
P1040677 P1040678 P1040682
P1040688 P1040690 P1040697
P1040694 P1040700 P1040714
P1040704 P1040722 P1040745
P1040752 P1040799 P1040804
P1040806 P1040805 P1040802
us under tree We missed Jeremy and
Esther, but I was able
to snatch a few of
their pictures of their
Christmas in Brazil. 
You can read about it HERE.
Allie and Beth Christmas day
Allie and Beth draw tree on wall Esther Allie and Daddy
amge; bethany angel Bethany Joseph and Mary (Allie)
Mary Allie Judah likes cho chip cookies Judah
Bethany and Bigger Bogger






Jeremy's family


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