Our Life in Brazil – Day 4 (Oct 12th)

Today we went to the park  – can’t remember what it is called.    It was really pretty and the kids could run and play in the field and we enjoyed seeing turkeys, peacocks, monkeys, and turtles.  There was also a playground for the kids.  We were happy to have Omar and Tracy Schrock (co missionaries)  join us with their children. 
    Evidently this park is owned by a wealthy resident – there was a nice home, a soccer field, pretty bushes and flowers, palm trees, a wildlife area, a gift shop, a playground, and a restaurant.  It looked like an oasis in the middle of a poor and dirty area.  In fact it was off the main road/truck route to Sao Paulo which is a four day drive for truck drivers.  Driving on this road was scarier than driving on the roads in Cuiaba.  The trucks were often bumper to bumper and it was told to me that they often drive four days straight using drugs to keep them awake.  Sometimes they are merciless and you just need to get out of their way.  And I thought trucks in America were bad! 
    We enjoyed watching the kids run and play and then we enjoyed eating at the restaurant.  Once again the food was great.  We brought Judah and baseball and bat.  We got some strange looks from the people around us as a lot of them don’t even know that there is such a thing as baseball.
    In the evening, Jeremy’s friend Adielson (sp?) came with his wife and daughter.  He is a church member at Jeremy’s church and He wanted to meet us and hear our salvation testimonies.  We in turn were able to hear their testimonies.    I loved this!  Hearing  how people got saved is one of my favorite things to do.   I think hearing testimonies in heaven could last last forever and I would  not get tired of it.  I got a little bit of video of them because I wanted to hear Jeremy converse in Portuguese.  Everytime he started to talk it seemed like he would speak English to interpret and then when he started Portuguese I would miss it.  But I did get a little bit. 
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