Our Life in Brazil – Days 11-12 (Oct. 19th – 20th)

We had a good day on Friday too.  Took off for downtown to do some more souvenir shopping.  When we got there Bethany was crying because she forgot her shoes.  Jeremy carried her to the shoe store and bought her some more flip flops.  So a sad day for her turned into a happy day because she got new shoes.
     Souvenir shopping was finally done and it was now lunch time. We fought our way back through  traffic and went on to the playground again so the kids could play and get worn out before nap time.  We ate lunch there again.  The kids played on the playground.  Mel bought me a bird (not real)  at the gift shop and then we decided to let the kids play on the soccer field before heading home – oh me – this part did not turn out too well.  Judah, first of all, stepped on something and was screaming with his foot and then Allie started screaming that she had stepped on something. They suffered through it while Bethany played and then we headed home.  Poor Allied hurt all evening.  Jeremy worked on her feet using tape to pull out whatever got in there- a caterpillar perhaps.  Grandpa and Grandma also took their turns working on her feet.    We finally got them cleaned enough so that she could walk to the car and we headed out for the fish restaurant. 
    This was by far the cleanest restaurant I had seen .  Their restaurants  are clean as far as I can see and the fish was great!  I sure have enjoyed all the food this week and Praise the Lord, He has kept us well with little or no stomach problems.  Mel has had a few headaches  but seemed to be able to head them off with medicine.  My back got a little better each day so we were thankful  for that.  The timing seemed good for everything and I was able to get around well.  That made it good for the airports too.  Mel had put a board under my mattress and that seemed to help.  Mel and I walked across the bridge near the fish restaurant and took a couple of pics.  Jeremy got a little nervous when he saw a couple of thugs come across and disappear into the woods. 
    From here we went to the Feta – fair/carnival – the kids enjoyed one of the jumping/slide machines, I enjoyed some soft serve ice cream, and Mel enjoyed cane sugar juice.   It was quite interesting and the kids had a great time.  This is something that goes on every weekend.  It is very crowded and we had to make sure that we held onto the kids all the time and never let them out of our sight.
      Then it was once again home and beddy by time.  After the kids were in bed we sat on the porch to visit with Jeremy and Esther,  but I kept falling asleep.  When we finally went to be there was loud music outside our window so then I could not sleep.   It did not last too long so I was thankful.  Music/noise like that is a norm where Jeremy lives.  The Lord was so good to us and the noise was very minimal while we were there.
    Saturday was our day to stay around home and enjoy each other’s company before it was time to say good bye.  The kids swam and played and we also took a walk through Jeremy’s neighborhood.  In my mind it was a hard day because I knew that tomorrow we were leaving. (sniff, sniff)

Just a little clip below of what is typical to hear in the streets.
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