Our Life in Brazil – Days 13-14 (Oct. 21st -22nd)


The final day has come.  It is Sunday and we have most of the day before we need to head for the airport.  I don’t want to act to sad because I want to cherish every moment I have with my children and grand children.  There were a few people we still needed to visit and say goodbye to so after church instead of taking time to prepare dinner, we walked to a nearby restaurant.  We wanted to say goodbye to the Scrocks so walked around the corner to their house first and then on to the restaurant.  After dinner we drove down the road a couple blocks to Jeremy’s friend’s house.  They invited us in for a little while and we enjoyed visiting while the Mrs. fixed dinner for her family.  The day went quickly and it was soon time to drive to the airport.  We were grateful for Omar Schrock’s kindness in transporting our luggage both when we arrived and when we were ready to leave.  This gave us room in Jeremy’s car to all ride together.  We arrived at the airport a couple of hours early and enjoyed our last little while with Jeremy, Esther, and the kids.  Hard, hard, so hard to leave.  I can still see their little faces staring at our plane as we sat in plane getting ready for take off.   I am already looking forward to their furlough at the end of next year.  Most of all I am looking forward to Heaven for our families are the only “thing” we can take with us.   We look forward to each one of our grand children accepting Jesus as their Savior.  Many of them already have done so and we are so grateful!   What a great reunion we will have one day in eternity!
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