Our Life in Brazil – Days 6-8 (Oct. 14th-16th)

    I did not go to church today due to being laid up with my back out I guess.  Anyway, it was difficult to walk and really difficult to sit on the hard benches and since I could not understand anyway,  I just stayed home.  I did go in the evening, but went out with Bethany and sat on the very back pew so I could get up if it was needed.
    Jeremy led the singing that night since their song leader was out of town.  That was exciting seeing him lead the people and sing in Portuguese.  That morning the children had somewhat of a party because they had earned it for saying verses, etc.

Sunday School Party – Click any picture to see a larger view

Below the church choir sings Do You Know My Jesus?  Jeremy is the choir director and he says the people learn their parts so quickly, yet they cannot read music.  Esther is playing the piano.  You can see Jeremy, Omar and Tracy Schrock, and Lawanda Duarte singing.  Lawanda’s husband, Antonio is the pastor.  Three of their children, Jenifer, Janalee, and Jed attend Ambassador Baptist College in North Carolina.
    Well, I ended up a little crippled, that is my back went out I guess and now I was in pain and limping around quite a bit.  I made sure to wear my insoles all day for a couple of days because I know this helps.  We also put a board under the mattress and this helped within a few days. 
    We stayed at the house most of the day, but I was glad since it was hard for me to get around.  We were hoping to visit the camp where Jeremy and Esther often go for retreats, etc., but the timing just did not work out for the owners. 
    It was very hot again – 99 degrees inside and Esther was cooking.  Whew!  I admire her- she is a hard worker and never complains.  She is a servant and the Lord has done many wonderful miracles on her behalf regarding her health.  She made us rice, beans, chicken and a side dish with tomatoes and onions which I keep meaning to get the recipe for.  It is almost like a fresh salsa and very good. 
    Tonight we ate at a roadside Burger place.  You ordered your food and sat outside.  There was a trampoline there and the kids enjoyed jumping while we waited for our food. 
    We had a fun day.  We left for the zoo at the university.  There were cars and people everywhere and parking seemed to be all one way and it was hard to get around.  When we tried to get out, the road was blocked so had to turn around and go back the wrong way.  Whew!  Made it again in this crazy city.
    The zoo was a free zoo at the university.  Certainly not like our zoos, but we still enjoyed it.  There were not too many people and it was HOT at first.  I took an umbrella for shade and boy was I glad I did for two reasons: First of all it was hot and it really did help shade me and then  half way through the zoo, the storm clouds came up and the wind started to blow and then the rain came!   The umbrella saved me and Esther from getting soaked.  We shared as much as possible.  A nice lady let us get in her little refreshment stand hut.  But the rain did not stop so we decided to make a run for it.  It had let up a little so that was good.  Jeremy and Mel took the kids and Esther and I took the umbrella and she walked slow with me while I hobbled back since my  leg was  still giving me fits, but it does  get a little better each day. We got back without too much trouble and headed out for a place to eat. 
Below Jeremy and Bethany run to get out of the rain.  On the left is a little green building where we were invited to get shelter.
The mall was not far so that is where we decided to eat. They even had a subway in the food court.   I really did not want subway, but settled for it anyway.  It was not the greatest, but if met the need for now.  Funny, all the tables are granite, but the rest of the furniture is cheapy,  Of course the granite is not polished like in the US either.   We also got ice cream at McDonalds.  Mel went and ordered two chocolate cones while I videoed him.  Jeremy had coached him on how to ask for chocolate ice cream in Portuguese.   But as I videoed  I really could not hear anything and she seemed to understand him fine. 
    We were going to go souvenir shopping  but it rained and we did not want to walk outside where the shops were so changed out minds.  Omar had called and said there was a storm at home and all the power was out.  Ugh.  That meant no air even in the bedroom and hot hot hot.  But I was pleasantly surprised as  the rain did cool it off a bit so instead of in the 90’s it was in the 80’s.  The power did come on after a couple of hours so that was not too bad. 
    That evening we went to Jeremy’s teachers house for supper.  Omar and Tracy also went.  To be honest, it was not that fun of an evening for us – rather boring.  It was nice in that the food was great (more rice and beans,  and lots and lots of grilled meat – very yummy- some kinds of steaks and sausage.  I usually don’t like sausage, but this was very good), and the people were hospitable and glad to have us.   Mel and I just sort of sat while Jeremy conversed with his teacher’s children.  I guess he was asking lots of ministry questions, but it sure is not fun when you don’t understand the language much so I was glad when we were able to leave.  It was a chore getting there.  Her husband had to meet us at one point to get us to her house and then her son led us out until we go on the right highway to home.  I guess the kids had a good time because there was a place for them to play.  Even though her house was “nicer” it was still nothing like the Americans.  We are so spoiled!  We ate outside behind their house.  I guess it was like a patio.  It was hot and humid in the house and had cooled off nicely from the rain.  This was also more spacious. 
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