Our Quiver Full!


We have a quiver full and it is getting fuller!  What a blessing! How about yours?  What is your quiver full?  We are blessed with four wonderful children, 15 grandchildren, and 2 more grandchildren due to arrive in March and August!   No matter what the number, children are a blessing and a gift from God!   This was a special gift we received from one of our children that I just love!  It shows our quiver full and makes a great wall decoration!
Family is such a wonderful blessing from God and is the only “thing” we can take with us to eternity.  I thank the Lord that each of our children know Jesus as their personal Savior and I pray daily that all of my grandchildren will one day know Him.  We are thankful that many of them have already made professions.  How about you?  Do you know Him?  Do you pray for your children to know Him?  It is our responsibility to diligently teach the Word to them and the Gospel ought to be the first thing we teach them.