Planning a Baby Shower?

Here are a few ideas for baby shower games.  These can be added to resources that you may already have.

Baby Toy Find – Guest that picks up toy from outside and brings in to the shower wins a prize.

Mothers of the Bible – Put names of mothers on backs of guests.  Each guest tries to guess the mother’s name by asking only yes or no questions.

Hugs and Kisses – Each guest guesses the number of candy hugs and kisses in the jar.  The closest without going over wins the candy.

Musical Baby Bottle – Pass the baby bottle around the circle until the music stops.  The guest with the bottle is out.  Continue until only two guests are left.  These two guests will race to see who can drink the punch from the baby bottle first.  The first one to finish the drink wins a prize.

Caring for the baby – Each guest is given a paper with the name of the new baby.  They are told to give advice on how to care for the baby by using the letter of the baby’s name.  Each bit of advice must begin with one of the letters.  The guest who gets the most advice written at the end of five minutes wins a prize.  After the winner is declared, guests can read their advice to the new mother and present her with their paper.

Diaper Pin Relay – Two teams of guests are line up at a table.  The first in line must dig into a bag of rice and pins without looking and find a pin, take it out and pin it on the cloth diaper.  Once he finishes, the next guest in line takes a turn.  The first team to complete is the winner.

Nursery Rhyme Game – Try to guess the nursery rhyme depicted. Give four minutes to complete.

  1. Rodents who can’t see a thing–Three Blind Mice
  2. Irreparable broken egg–Humpty Dumpty
  3. Small seated girl who is scared of insects--Little Miss Muffett
  4. Musical feline and dancing dishes–Hey Diddle Diddle
  5. Swift boy who leaps over flames–Jack Be Nimble
  6. Elderly woman with hungry dog and empty cabinets–Old Mother Hubbard
  7. Clumsy couple on an errand to a well–Jack and Jill
  8. Elderly, happy monarch who smoked and ate a lot–Old King Cole
  9. Small boy who eats his pies with his hands–Little Jack Horner
  10. Elderly woman with unique living quarters–Old Lady Who Live in a Shoe
  11. Cheap, freshly baked pastries–Hot Cross Buns
  12. Three male professionals who were put out–Three men in a Tub
  13. Tired shepherd boy with trumpet–Little Boy Blue
  14. Maternal game bird–Mother Goose
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