Sabbatical of the Mind by David L. Winters - A Book Review

Sabbatical of the Mind – A Book Review

What is a Sabbatical? It is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year.

Does your life get crazy sometimes?  Are you anxious, with no peace inside?  

Perhaps, you are in need of a sabbatical as the author of this book.  David Winters, the author, was working for a government agency and life was becoming very stressful.  He decided he needed a change.  He felt it necessary to take time off from his daily crowded routine in life and let the Lord work in Him to nourish, strengthen and heal him.  I admire him for being able to do this.

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Sabbatical of the Mind by David L. Winters - A Book Review

His story is quite interesting and very humorous at times.  It definitely holds your interest as well as relaying life lessons along the way.  Many of the lessons can be applied to ones own life.  Some lessons were learned through painful events.  One such event was the loss of his father which he dreaded for years.  But God’s healing power rescued him, he experienced the mercies of God and realized that his anchor was in the Lord.  He says scars through this taught him that God leaves scars to remind him that all things heal.

All in all he found healing through the Lord.  After five months he was able to return to work as a renewed person with new purpose.

The book is encouraging to fellow believers who may be facing similar trials. You can get a copy of one HERE

Take a Sabbatical Every Day

As a believer we ought to remember to take a sabbatical every day, so to speak, by coming apart from our daily activities and routines and having a  special time with the Lord so our minds and hearts can be renewed.  (Hop over here and receive a free devotional ebook to help you along your Spiritual Journey.)

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