Sacrificing my own will

Here is a quote taken from a little devotional book I have been reading on my Kindle:
Daily Strength for Daily Needs by Mary W. Tileston

    We must be continually sacrificing our own wills, as opportunity serves, to the will of others; bearing, without notice, sights and sounds that annoy us; setting about this or that task, when we had far rather be doing something very different; persevering in it, often, when we are thoroughly tired of it; keeping company for duty’s sake, when it would be a great joy to us to be by ourselves; besides all the trifling untoward accidents of life; bodily pain and weakness long continued, and perplexing us often when it does not amount to illness; losing what we value, missing what we desire; disappointment in other persons, wilfulness, unkindness, ingratitude, folly,

Daily Strength for Daily Needs (Kindle Location 263).

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