She was and She Is


She was my grandmother (My Nana)

She was beautiful. I loved to spend time with her always visiting her bedroom. (she lived with us since her husband died when I was very young) As a young girl she gave me butterscotch candy and I loved to watch game shows with her on TV. My fondest memory of her is her reading her Bible every. single. day.

She was my mother

She also was beautiful. I loved her dearly and we were very close. As she got older we spent even more time together even though our time together was long distance. My fondest memory of her is also her reading her Bible and praying for her children and grandchildren every. single. day.

She was my grandmother-in-law

I did not know her well but in the little time I got to know her, I found out she was also a beautiful person. I loved her because I was part of her family and I knew how much she loved her children and grandchildren. She too is now with her Savior.

She is my mother-in-law

She also is a beautiful lady. She is still with us and how grateful we are! I love her dearly and she has been a mother to me. She has taught me much about life and prayer. What I love most about her is that she loves her Lord; she is always telling others about him unashamedly, and she prays continually for her children and grandchildren. What a godly and wonderful heritage I have from all of the she’s in my life.

Heaven will be a grand reunion one day when we are all gathered together around the throne of Christ. How glorious it will be to see each one of these she’s in my life.


what a blessing to have so many cherished women in your life!

Brooke, your FMF neighbor

Susan Heiser

How blessed you have been to have had so many praying women in your life! And you will be the same blessing to future generations. Lovely post. FMF#41

Paula Short

So beautifully spoken. I love your tribute to the loving family members of your life. Blessings.
Visiting from FMF#8

Jennifer Smith

Such a godly heritage you have – what a blessing and tremendous gift!! I enjoyed your writing today…and am challenged with the legacy that will be said by those in my life some day.

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