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So Many Ways to use The Wordless Book Gospel Colors To Instill The Gospel Plus a Free Printable

Grandparents, here is a wonderful way to connect with your grandchilren.  We should make it a point to find creative ways to instill the Gospel into their minds and hearts.  Our children and grandchildren are the only “thing” we can take with us from the world when we enter eternity. Don’t you desire to have everyone of them spending forever with the Lord and you when we enter the presence of the Lord?

Have you heard of the Wordless Book?

Basically, it is sharing the gospel using colors.  You don’t have to have words for this book and it is an easy way for children to remember the gospel story of what Jesus did for them and how they can be saved.  Here is a picture with a brief explanation of each color:  You can read a sermon on the Wordless Book by C. H. Spurgeon HERE.

Wordless Book - Instilling Gospel

The Wordless Book is also in song form.  It was copyrighted in 1940 and can be found in the Salvation Songs for Children put out by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  It is a simple and catchy song that the kids love to sing.

This is a great way to give the gospel to your grandchildren.  In turn, it is a great way for them to share it with others.  There are so many ways you can use this method.  Here are a few ways that I have used it on special holidays.  For Easter I used it with a jelly bean craft which you can find here.  And for Christmas I used it with a Christmas Tree Craft which you can find here.  

If you do a google search on the Wordless book evangelistic tool, you can find countless ideas.  I will be adding more ideas along the way; Here is a list of some things I have used with my littles in our ministry. I’ve taken the Wordless book and adapted it into different themes or crafts to help them remember the Gospel.  I wish I could say they were all ready to share, but I haven’t quite got that far yet.  Hopefully soon!  🙂  So just use your imagination and make your own.  

  • Wordless book Fall leaves
  • Wordless book Soccer Ball (there is also a free printable craft for a gospel soccer ball.  Check at the bottom of the post to get your own.)

    61601X: EvangeBall with Pump EvangeBall/Gospel Soccer Ball

    An outreach tool like no other! Great for striking up conversations with kids and adults, this soccer ball features the five colors of the Wordless Book—yellow, black, red, white, and green—and turns sports into fun evangelism opportunities. Size 5 ball comes with pump and instructional outreach guide.

  • Jelly bean poem and craft
  • Christmas Tree Craft
  • Valentine book mark
  • Wordless book games
  • Wordless book Mini Books for take home and sharing – also a color your own version
  • Wordless book in song
  • Wordless Book Key chains
  • Wordless Book Kite

Here is an idea of some of the things I’ve come up with.  I hope to add the printables a little at a time.

wordless book collage

Some other resources you may want to check out are found below.

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