The Five SOLAS of Scripture

SOLA – A Book Review On the Five Solas of Scripture

“Sola” is a fast paced condensed explanation of the five solas of the Reformation.  It provides sufficient historical background to put the Reformation and it’s Solas into context without putting one to sleep. 

It is definitely written from a reformed perspective and assumes that “the Reformers are our theological forebears”  I don’t think these truths were lost, but that’s for another history book.  I did enjoy the book and found some food for thought. 


Sola ~ How the Five Solas Are Still Reforming the Church

Moody Publishers

written by Jason K. Allen, Jared C. Wilson,
Jason G. Duesing, Matthew Barrett, and Owen Strachan

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The five solas included:


1. Sola scriptura-Scripture alone


2. Sola fide-Faith alone


3. Sola gratia-grace alone


4. Solus Christus-Christ alone


5. Soli Dei Gloria-To the glory of God alone


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