Some Juice and a White Thing Lord's Supper, Communion

Some Juice and a white thing

We have been praying for our grandson, JD to get saved.  This past Sunday night we had the Lord’s supper and JD wanted to partake when the plates were passed.  Of course, he was told he could not until he got saved.  After church he kept asking if he could go talk to Mr. B., one of the deacons who helped serve the Lord’s supper.  When asked why he wanted to talk to him:

JD – “I want to tell him that I am saved” 

Grandpa – Why do you want to tell him you are saved?”  

JD –  “So I can have some juice and one of those white things.”

JD was sure that Mr. B. was the one in charge and would let him partake of the Lord’s Supper if he told him he was saved. Since this time, JD has been gloriously saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ.  Are you saved?  

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