Something I Do Every Day

I start out my day with reading my Bible, Praying, working on Scripture Memory, and then organizing my list for the day.  I like to use Cozi online.  I can make as many lists as I want to and have them all in one place.  It also has my calendar, shopping lists, and a journal.  After I add to my lists, I usually take the most prominent to do list and write down what I want to do today and the order I want to do it.  You might want to check it out.  It is free with registration, but you can also get a paid version which is advertisement free.  The free version works great for me.
For Scripture Memory I us memverse.  Although I do not agree with their doctrinal statement, it has still been a wonderful tool to help me memorize Scripture.
A couple other things that I do every day, or almost every day, is write in my devotional journal and in my personal journal. 
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