Sugar Creek Gang – Gift Idea for young people

Sugar Creek Gang Movies – Gift Idea

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Based on a series of books by Paul Hutchens, The Sugar Creek Gang movies  chronicle the adventures of Bill Collins, Poetry, Circus, Dragonfly, Big Jim, Little Jim, and the rest of the residents of Sugar Creek. The DVD series consists of stories taken from the pages of the book series as well as all-new original adventures! The five part series consists of Swamp Robber, The Great Canoe Fish, Race Against Nightfall, Secret Hideout, and Teacher Trouble.  By the way, I purchased this for my grandkids and they love it!  They watch them over and over.

sugar creek gang DVD series

  • Great Series for young people, Boys love this series
  • Teach values
  • Great for the family
  • You won’t be disappointed
  • Good Christmas Present
  • Run Time: 350 Minutes Total
  • Not Rated


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