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SOLA – A Book Review On the Five Solas of Scripture

The Five SOLAS of Scripture

“Sola” is a fast paced condensed explanation of the five solas of the Reformation.  It provides sufficient historical background to put the Reformation and it’s Solas into context without putting one to sleep.  It is definitely written from a reformed perspective and assumes that “the Reformers are our theological forebears”  I don’t think these truths […]

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Journal As You Read God’s Word

Journal as You Read God's Word

As I read God’s Word each day, I keep an open journal in front of me.  I started this several years ago, but wished I had started very early in life.  Years ago, I heard a very wise lady say, just write at least one verse that spoke to your heart today and so I […]

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Why I don’t pray

Obviously,  this post is a little on the sarcastic side to start with, but it is mostly a reminder to myself of different reasons why I don’t pray or why I end up not praying.  If I am walking in the Spirit and staying in fellowship with my Lord and Savior then these following remarks […]

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