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How Many Days Do You Have Left On This Earth?

How many days do you have left on this earth?

 How many days do you have left on earth?  None of us can answer that question, but we all know that we all die.  Some die young, some in between and some on into old age.  But no man knows the day or the hour.  It is only God who knows our appointed time.  Yes, […]

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Can You Imagine Surviving The War Under Hitler?

It is hard to imagine trying to survive. At least for me it is because I’ve never been there.  Well yes, I’ve been in a few accidents that brought me close to death, but when it was all said and done I never had to work at surviving.   But to survive war and war under […]

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Six Ways to Lead Your Family Biblically

Do you ever wonder how you can lead your family and direct them in the Lord? Deuteronmy 6 offers some great principles in guiding your family that we can use every day.  If you’ve had trouble doing this before, then this New Year, take time to study the passage and ask the Lord to help […]

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