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Speak Lord For Your Servant Hears

Speak Lord for Your Servant Hears

Speak Lord for they servant heareth.  These were the words Eli told Samuel to say the next time he heard someone calling him.  Speak is the word chosen for Five Minute Friday this week. 1Sa 3:9  Therefore Eli said unto Samuel, Go, lie down: and it shall be, if he call thee, that thou shalt […]

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Where Is Your Dwelling Place?

Where Is Your Dwelling Place

Where is Your Place? Do you have a quiet place to start your day or where you can retreat to during the day to spend time with the Lord?   Oh how I would be lost without my quiet place.  Immediately this song comes to mind. There is a Quiet Place by Ralph Carmichael, 1967 […]

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7 Ways That Can Help Us DecLuTter Our Hearts

7 Ways That Can Help Us Declutter Our Hearts

Lately I’ve been doing some decluttering around the house. But I have also felt like my Spiritual house needs decluttering too. How about you?   Do you have so much stuff in every closet, in every crook and nanny of your heart and you know that you just need to get rid of it?  Here are […]

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