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Parenting – A Book Review and a giveaway

Books Review on parenting and a Giveaway

Parenting for many of us is a great struggle.  Really, it is a life long process; by the time your children are grown, then you are doing grand parenting.   Do you sometimes feel lost in this tremendous God given responsibility?  I know I have felt that way many times.   “Parenting” by Paul David […]

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5 Steps to Assist you in Parenting

5 Steps To Assist You In Parenting

Steps to assist you in parenting is something we all would love;  In fact we would love it even more if they were simple steps. But to be truthful, parenting is not always simple; however, there are a few steps that we can put into our hearts and minds to help simplify it.  Actually, the […]

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How To Be The Best Grandma Ever!

Well, it’s that time of the week again and here they come.  It is time to babysit the grandkids!  Hooray!  Now I have a chance to be the best grandma ever!  After all who doesn’t want their grandkids to love them?  And what grandma doesn’t want to be awesome?   So now is my chance!  NOT!   They […]

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10 Great Activities To Do With Your Grandchildren

I feel like I am always trying to find something for the grandkids to do. What do you consider some great activities for your grandchildren?  Since I have 20 grandchildren, it is often a challenge to think of great things for them to do. I’m not saying that you always need to think of something, […]

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6 Characteristics of a Godly Father

What comes to your mind when thinking of characteristics of a godly father?   Blessed with a godly Father One cannot help but think about their father when Father’s Day rolls around.  Truth is – I think about my father many more times than that! I am so thankful that He was a godly father!  He left […]

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30 Lessons on Wisdom from Proverbs 3

Below is a list of lessons on wisdom that one could learn from Proverbs, chapter 3.  While making this list, I realized once again, how important it is to instill these truths into our children and grand children day after day after day.  This is one way they will get to know God and who […]

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The “Littles” Cook with Grandma

Cookin’ with the “Littles” at Grandma’s House This is a sponsored post with affiliate links.   Grandma, may we watch the Berenstain Bears?   I hear that quite often when the “littles’ come to Grandma’s house.  I  keep a playlist of the Berenstain Bears so they can choose the one they want to watch.  This is […]

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LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH -What Kind Of A Legacy Are You Leaving?

I recently attended a baby shower and was asked to do a devotional.  I’ve been reading an  ebook by Ken Ham and Steve Ham entitled Raising godly children in and ungodly world – Leaving a Lasting Legacy.  As I was thinking about this,  the words Live, Love, and Laugh that are often displayed in homes came to […]

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