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The “Littles” Cook with Grandma

Cookin’ with the “Littles” at Grandma’s House This is a sponsored post with affiliate links.   Grandma, may we watch the Berenstain Bears?   I hear that quite often when the “littles’ come to Grandma’s house.  I  keep a playlist of the Berenstain Bears so they can choose the one they want to watch.  This is […]

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LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH -What Kind Of A Legacy Are You Leaving?

I recently attended a baby shower and was asked to do a devotional.  I’ve been reading an  ebook by Ken Ham and Steve Ham entitled Raising godly children in and ungodly world – Leaving a Lasting Legacy.  As I was thinking about this,  the words Live, Love, and Laugh that are often displayed in homes came to […]

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