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Lift – Lift Up Others

LIFT – Oh how I want to be lifted to higher heights. One day I will be lifted from this earth of sin and go into the highest place ever. Heaven is waiting for me. How about you? This song came to mind today as I took part in Five Minute Friday where the word […]

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Why won’t the Lord answer my prayers?

Why won’t the Lord answer my prayers?   Maybe you have fervently prayed about something, but it seems as if God is not hearing or He just won’t answer. Are there times when God doesn’t answer? I was reading a devotional by Charles Stanley and he pointed out some very good reasons why He doesn’t […]

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Prayer – 10 Prompts for Saturday

How’s Your Prayer Life?   Are You entering into your prayer closet daily?  Why is it that prayer often seems the hardest thing to do?  It really should be quite an easy thing to do.  After all, we get to spend time with the King of Kings!  We don’t have to ask permission to enter […]

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