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TO DO: What’s on your Daily List?

When a new year comes we are often thinking about reorganizing and what our new to do lists are going to look like, etc.   I wonder what life would be like if we actually made a Spiritual to do list every day. Maybe it really isn’t a bad idea. It sure would put a […]

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44 Household Tips

44 Household Tips  Below are just some household tips and hints. I have not tried all these so can’t tell for sure if they work or not.  You can try them at your own risk. This is an older list that I gathered up here and there before the days of Pinterest.  If you know […]

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Tell Your Time

Here is an excellent ebook on Time Managment.  “Tell Your Time” has been a great help to me in managing my time.  It is not expensive and worth the read.   Tell Your Time – You can Pick up your Book Here.

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