Ten Commandments for Wives

Ten Commandments for Wives
-author unknown

  1. Carefully guard thine health so thou canst always greet thy husband with a smile.
  2. Never nag or complain.
  3. Do not worry about things which thou canst not change.
  4. Do not spend all they time scrubbing, cleaning, and dusting the house.
  5. Love thine husband and children more than thy house.
  6. Know how to prepare good,nutritious food and keep it on the table.
  7. Know the limitations of they husband’s income and do not try to keep up with the Jones’s or others.
  8. Do not buy a hat or hairdo, wig, or outfit that makes thy husband unhappy.
  9. Remember that at times silence is golden.
  10. Do not drive the automobile from back or side seat.

I just thought the following video was pretty funny.  She is not exactly a back seat driver but…

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