Blessed Are TheThankful Free Printable Thanksgiving Game

Thanksgiving Free Printable Game

Here is a Thanksgiving Free Printable Game.  The game can be played with the whole family or with whoever is sitting around your table.


Thanksgiving Printable Game

The Thanksgiving ABC game

  • All ages can play and it is a good way to get the mind going thinking of things that we can be grateful for on a daily basis.  
  • You can download this Thanksgiving printable and print it or
  • Just give everyone some paper,  add every letter of the alphabet and tell your guests to write one word for each letter of something they are thankful for.
  • Have someone read one card at a time starting with the letter A and see how many can guess who wrote that item.  The one who guesses the most is the winner.
  • Be sure to bless the Lord at all times and play the praise game always.


Thanksgiving ABC printable game pic

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  • Dirinda

    That sounds like a wonderful game! We may have to do that one! Hey, maybe we can even do it for Christmas!

    • Ellen

      We had fun playing it and it was great family time! I am sure it would work great for Christmas too!

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