The Big T and Tastee Freez

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

The Big T is not one of the best known fast food chains. In fact, the local one has suffered from the inclusion of a McDonald’s restauarant in the town, but it still offers something that the larger chain does not. Something about the McDonald’s ice cream cones never sits well with me. The vanilla ice cream leaves a bitter aftertaste. I am not sure if it is the formulation or my defective tastebuds, but when I want a cold treat on a hot day, the BigT with TasteeFreez ice cream will be my first choice.

If I’m in the mood for food that is a little more exotic, I can also order a! Gyro made with the right kind of meat and a cucumber sauce that does not do a bad job of mimicking what a Greek restaurant might actually use. Although the Gyro offered by the establishment cannot quite match an authentic sandwhich, it still tastes pretty good.

Because it takes time to eat ice cream without getting a headache, I make sure to set my home security alarm from Homesecurity before leaving the house. Should any intruders try to take advantage of my absence from my home, the security company will take care of it long before I need to worry about it.

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