Sharing the Gospel Through Videos

The Gospel Through Videos

Kids love videos and so do adults for that matter.  What a great way to share the gospel with them.  Make your own or use some that are already available.

I’m not one to stick kids in front of a video 24/7 for an automatic babysitter.  There are times however, when you just need a break and giving them something of quality to watch can be a good idea.  

There have also been times while teaching a Sunday School Class that I wanted to come up with a video to help in sharing the gospel with the littles.

Below is a video I made while teaching Sunday School with many inner city children in attendance.  I’ve saved it to Vimeo and Youtube. 

Reaching others with the gospel through Videos


Another video below, I put together from a little story that my former youth group leader from many years ago wrote for his granddaughter.  I took his story and made a Spiritual application from it.

Although I may not endorse everything from everyone, These videos below seem to be really good in presenting the gospel and other Biblical Truths to children. They would probably make great gift ideas for your children or grandchildren or even to put in your own library to help out when the grandkids come for a visit.

You can find them on Amazon here – God’s Love / God’s Grace / God’s Heart / God’s TruthHere is one below found on YouTube that presents the gospel.

More Possibilities for Sharing the Gospel Through Videos. This is a clear message on how to be saved.  Don’t just let them watch – discuss and explain.

Testimonial Videos

You can find several testimonies from those who found the Lord and now want to share how others can know the Savior too.  I love hearing the testimonies of fellow believers.  Wouldn’t it be better to let your children watch this type of video for a change? 

Click Here for a channel that offers several videos with many different testimonies. These may not be videos that all the littles would be interested in, but then again maybe they would. It’s certain, however, that older children would benefit from them.  I’ve been watching them and can’t stop!  The Grace of God is so amazing!  It saved a wretch like me! 

This is part of a series on Instilling the Gospel into My Grandchildren.

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