The Mysterious Broom

Well, this was kind of strange.  Our niece posted on facebook that you can make a broom stand up all by itself.  She had a picture of it.  It sounded kind of weird to me,  but then I saw other family members trying it so my husband also decided to try it.  Guess what it worked.  It was said that it had something to do with the Spring Equinox- something to do with how the planets are lined up and the gravitational pull. But my son-in-law said he looked that up on Snopes and found that to be false.  It is something that will work all the time. Anyway, below is a picture of ours standing up and it stood there all night.

My husband decided to have some fun with it, so while at Wal-mart, he took three brooms and stood them in a staggered row down the aisle.  He took a phone picture, but unfortunately I don’t have it to upload here.  I sure wish he would have stood around to see the looks on peoples faces. 

Below you can see a picture of our broom standing by itself.  Try it, it’s fun!

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