The Works of Moses and The Lamb

The works of Moses and the Lamb – by Isaac Watts

How strong thine arm is, Mighty God, Who would not fear they Name! Jesus, how sweet they graces are! Who would not love the Lamb!

He has done more than Moses did, our prophet and our King; From bonds of hell he freed our souls, And taught our lips to sing,

In the Red-sea by Moses’ hand Th’ Egyptain host was drown’d; But his own blood hides all our sins, And guilt no more is found.

When thro’ the desert Israel went, With manna they were fed; Our Lord invites us to his flesh, And calls it living bread.

Moses beheld the promis’d land, Yet never reach’d the place; But Christ shall bring his followers home To see his Father’s face.

Then shall our love and joy be full, And feel a warmer flame; And sweeter voices tune the song of Moses and the Lamb

The above lines were taken from the book Hymns and Spritual Songs by Isaac Watts.  I am enjoying this book very much.  Such deep thoughts to meditate upon.  You can get a free ebook at Free eBooks by Project Gutenberg.  

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